Chatroom girls looking to dirty talk

Any lingering sexual tension had dissolved from our relationship by this point, and an easy camaraderie remained.

Jian’s two main modes of communication were flirting and talking about his work, so now we were left with one.

My editor sent me to interview the band Moxy Früvous, who had been gigging around Toronto since I was in high school.

They were a terminally geeky folk band who name-checked Margaret Atwood in their lyrics for airplay on CBC Radio.

” I don’t recall actually saying no, only both of us bursting into laughter as though the whole suggestion had been a big joke. Long before he was a household name in Canada, he was a master of calculating what other people wanted and presenting them with it—so long as it didn’t conflict with his own ever-pressing desires. Although I can’t recall the specifics now, I remember that the emails went on and on and were full of unfulfilled longing, which would prove to be a perpetual theme for Jian.

After that first meeting I didn’t see Jian for several months, but we kept in touch. He always seemed in desperate need of something just out reach—engaged in a never-ending quest to find the balm for his restless soul.

For all his agonizing over ratings and “audience reach” at my farm that summer night, we both knew he’d found his medium on CBC Radio.

The other property was an enormous, modern loft-like townhouse in Cabbagetown, where he lived before moving to an even bigger place in the Beach. He was determined to have establishment credibility.He’d done some radio that summer, filling in for Shelagh Rogers on , and somehow over the sound waves, his anxiety fell away and was replaced by a magnetic calm.He was wonderful at engaging the listener by quickly and articulately dashing up to the edge of a point, then slowing down to a Cheshire cat purr—a trick that would eventually become a signature element of his daily monologue.Even back then he enjoyed flipping back and forth between politically correct and sexually inappropriate. Reading over my piece 16 years later, I noticed he was the only one of the band members who got much ink.After the interview, the band dispersed and I ended up walking and chatting with Jian.

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